New Jersey Penile Enlargement

Men are interested in this procedure for a number of reasons, and we see them often. The majority of males are worried about their penis for various reasons but in most cases they just want to be bigger. In surveys, it is discovered that 72 percent of males would want to have a bigger penis if they had the option. Thanks to leading treatment options it is now possible to gain significant confidence by receiving penile enlargement procedures in New Jersey.

The Most Appropriate Candidates for Male Enhancement

A lot of variables, including the patient’s general health, may have an impact on the success of male enhancement therapy. When considering whether or not to have a penile shaft enlargement procedure, it is important to examine the following reasons. The following are some of the most common reasons why you may want to consider having a penile enlargement procedure performed:

What Are My Options In New Jersey?

During your consultation, your doctor will determine whether or not penile enlargement treatments can increase the projection of your penis. In some cases, patients can find that other treatments may actually be better than a penile enlargement such as P-shot, liposuction, fat transfer, dermal fillers among others.

Alternatively, your surgeon may suggest that you undergo a specific procedure in order to achieve and meet your expected goals. All of your options will be given to you during your one-on-one consultation at which you can make the final decision in moving forward with your treatment.

Why Choose Penile Enlargement Treatments?

If you’ve been struggling with medical conditions or simply want to enhance the look, you should consider penile enlargement treatments in New Jersey. Not only are they safe but they are highly effective in providing results almost immediately.

Men who desire a non-surgical alternative to improving their look and who have reasonable expectations regarding the outcomes of their procedure are the greatest candidates for penis enlargement procedures. Men who are interested in this procedure should also be dedicated to receiving adequate postoperative care and recuperation in order to get the best possible result from the procedure.


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

Non-Surgical Options In New Jersey

There are many non-surgical and surgical alternatives in New Jersey for those looking for a penile enlargement. The transfer of platelet-rich plasma also known as PRP from your own blood supply is a newer, less invasive, nonsurgical method that some cosmetic surgeons are using to improve their patients’ appearance.

The fact that none of these procedures involves the use of foreign substances means that there are no issues with tissue rejection. Another non-surgical option to expand the size of the penis is dermal fillers. Some cosmetic surgeons have employed soft tissue fillers, such as various forms of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, to get the desired result for the patient.

Depending on the type of result that you are looking for, your surgeon will provide you with the best treatment based on your needs.

What Exactly Are Dermal Fillers And How Do They Work?

When it comes to penile enlargement using dermal fillers, it is a minimally invasive process that may be used to enhance penile girth and flaccid penile length without requiring a surgical procedure. The erect penis and the flaccid penis will both benefit from this treatment since it increases the size of the penis. An injectable dermal filler, often consisting of hyaluronic acid, is injected into the penile shaft during this cosmetic procedure.

Your Expected Results

Depending on the type of treatment you receive your expected results will vary. The substance that was injected encourages the development of tissue over the course of 30 to 40 days. With time, the tissue produced by your body replaces and merges with the substance that was injected, allowing you to preserve your appearance. During this first recuperation time, you’ll need to apply a special dressing to the penis in order to keep the product in its proper position.

Most men plan two to three sessions to get best results, and they should anticipate to see at least a one and a half inch reduction in girth as a consequence. While this penis enlargement technique is mainly intended to improve girth, many men also experience an increase in length as a result of the procedure.

Which Injectable Treatments Are Available At Our Clinic?

We offer various injectable treatments in order to fulfill each of our patients’ needs. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid (HA) are highly utilized as they resemble the body’s natural tissue. Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical, it is very biocompatible with the human body. However, although these fillers are most often used to restore face volume, they may also be used to safely enlarge the circumference of the penis.

Bellafill® is a long-lasting filler that encourages the production of collagen in the body. A smooth collagen gel is used to suspend the polymethyl methacrylate microspheres, which, over time, causes your own natural collagen to grow and fill in the gaps between them.

The following are the most often used fillers for penile enlargement:

Your surgeon will go over each of the injectables available with you during your consultation in order to choose the right one for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The Men’s Clinic In New Jersey?

We have extensive treatments that are non-surgical techniques to penis enlargement that have been shown to be effective in thousands of men before. Men enhancement alternatives, both surgical and non-surgical, are available to compliment the results of your penile augmentation procedure.

At Men’s Clinic in New Jersey, we place a high importance on secrecy and respect for your privacy, allowing you to feel comfortable sharing your personal objectives with us.


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

Your Penile Enlargement Consultation In New Jersey

As part of your first appointment, you will have the chance to discuss your cosmetic objectives and the reasons for your interest in penile enhancement with our doctor. Your surgeon will assess whether or not you are a good candidate for phalloplasty and will explain what a penis enlargement treatment may accomplish for you.

Depending on your objectives and anatomy, they may also recommend nonsurgical alternatives that you might explore before committing to a procedure. Depending on your objectives and medical condition, different and extra therapies may be recommended for the most optimal results.

You should arrive at the appointment prepared to share your whole medical history with your doctor. This will provide information on the following topics:

If there are any other conditions not listed that you are experiencing we recommend letting your doctor know in order to prevent any risks and to ensure the success of your treatment.

When It Comes To A Penis Enlargement Treatment With Dermal Fillers, Who Is The Best Candidate?

Best Candidates
In order to enhance the girth and length of their penis, the best candidate for penis enlargement using dermal fillers is someone who is concerned about their penis’ appearance or who has hereditary abnormalities. A penis enlargement treatment with dermal fillers is not suggested for people who have certain chronic medical issues or who have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the treatment.

The usual recuperation time after a penis enlargement with dermal fillers procedure is around one week.

Following a penis augmentation treatment using dermal fillers, the majority of patients experience a few days of recovery time. Work and mild exercise may be resumed within one to two days, depending on how well the patient tolerates it. For one week, you should refrain from engaging in strenuous exercise or engaging in sexual behavior.

The benefits of a penis enlargement procedure with dermal fillers are obvious instantly and are only transitory in nature. There is currently no well known, effective, and long-lasting FDA-approved remedy for penis enlargement available on the market.

Find Out If You’re A Candidate For Penile Enlargement Treatment In New Jersey

At every step of the journey, our team of experts and medical staff will be there to help you make the right decision in order to achieve your desired results. Make an appointment for a consultation to find out whether you’re a good candidate for penile enlargement therapy in New Jersey!


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

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